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Live-Action Asia is the very first online database of Asian live-action adaptations, primarily of Japanese and Korean content. We input and gather data on movies and series adapted from manga (Japanese comics), anime, manhwa (Korean comics), webtoons, webcomics, graphic novels, comic essays, and more. Aside from the database, we also regularly update our site with news, reviews, and occasionally, special features about Asian live-action adaptations. The website went live in September 2021. 


Since the 1960s, live-action adaptations have already been produced, but they only proliferated in the 2000s. Today, many of them are constantly frowned upon, and we can often sense great reluctance from the general audience to embrace this type of content. However, as trends already dictate, they are here to stay, and our website will constantly be on the lookout for them, to serve as our target audience's source of Asian live-action adaptations.

Join us here on our website Let's connect and share ideas about live-action adaptations through Live-Action Asia!

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