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'Ōoku' manga set in alternate Edo period gets live-action series

Ōoku, written and illustrated by Yoshinaga Fumi, will be adapted into a live-action series starring Fukushi Sota, Hotta Mayu, and Saito Yuki.

Hotta Mayu (left), Fukushi Sota (center), Saito Yuki (right)

The manga is set in an alternate Edo period where a disease called "tengu pox" only affects men, leading to a drastic decline in the male population. As a result, women have to step up and fill in the roles previously held by men.

Fukushi will portray Madenokouji Arikoto, a high-ranking priest from a royal court, while Hotta will play Tokugawa Iemitsu, the third shogun. Saito will play Iemitsu's nurse.

This is the fourth live-action adaptation of the manga Ōoku. The first one is a live-action film in 2012 produced by TBS and Asmik Ace. The second one is a 10-episode live-action series titled Ōoku: Arikoto Iemitsu Hen in 2012 by the same producers. In the same year, the live-action movie Ōoku: Emonnosuke Tsunayoshi Hen premiered.

Ōoku will be broadcast from January 2023 on NHK.


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