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30-sec teaser for live-action movie 'Zenkamono' starring Arimura Kasumi released

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WOWOW releases the 30-sec teaser for the live-action movie Zenkamono based on the manga written by Kagawa Masahito and illustrated by Tsukishima Toji. The plot is set years after the WOWOW drama series and is one of the stories from the original manga. In the live-action series to air on November 20, 2021, Agawa Kayo (Arimura Kasumi) is a volunteer probation officer who helps ex-convicts readapt to society. In the movie, she is still working as a probation officer when a horrific crime occurs, and she offers support to Kudo Makoto (Morita Go), a suspect. More cast members of the live-action movie have also been revealed, including Isomura Hayato, Morita Go, Wakaba Ryuya, Makita Sports, and Lily Franky among others.

Zenkamono depicts probation officer Agawa Kayo's sincere approach to dealing with people who have done crimes for different reasons and highlights contemporary issues such as women who become addicted to stimulants and have experienced domestic violence, as well as elderly shoplifting addicts. Zenkamono was one of the jury selections in the Manga Category of the 23rd Japan Media Arts Festival (2020).

Zenkamono will be screening in theaters in Japan on January 28, 2022.

Watch the teaser here (without English subtitles):

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