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Akaso Eiji and Sakaguchi Kentaro cast in live-action adaptation of manga 'Hiru' and 'Hiru 2'

© 2011 Imai Daisuke / Shinchosha

© 2022 WOWOW

Imai Daisuke's manga Hiru and Hiru 2 will be adapted into a live-action series starring Akaso Eiji and Sakaguchi Kentaro as double leads. Directed by Suzuki Kosuke (Signal, Crisis: Special Security Squad) the WOWOW drama is slated to have two seasons having six episodes each. The first season will focus on Shinomiya Yuki (Akaso Eiji), a man whose identity is stolen by rogues known as "hiru" who pin crimes on people they impersonate. It will also show Yuki's struggles in getting his identity back and hiding from the police who are hunting him for a crime he didn't do. The second season centers on Kara (Sakaguchi Kentaro), a mysterious hiru hunter who is out for revenge due to a difficult past. Kara will teach Yuki the ways of the hiru to become one himself in an attempt to have his whole life back.

Hiru and Hiru 2 will air in March 2022 on WOWOW network.
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