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Autumn drama 'Zenkamono' based on seinen manga releases promotional poster

Updated: Nov 1, 2021

©️2021 Masahito Kagawa / Toji Tsukishima / Yoshiyuki Kishi / WOWOW

©️2017 Masahito Kagawa / Toji Tsukishima / Yoshiyuki Kishi / Shogakukan

The promotional poster (left) has been released for the live-action adaptation of Zenkamono, a seinen manga written by Kagawa Masahito and illustrated by Tsukishima Toji, first published in 2017 (right). Arimura Kasumi takes on the challenge of playing the role of a volunteer probation officer, Agawa Kayo, who gives support to juvenile delinquents and ex-convicts. The 6-episode WOWOW series will show the struggles in such work and the stories of the people that the main character encounters. Joining Arimura Kasumi in the cast are Daito Shunsuke, Ishibashi Shizuka, and Furukawa Kotone.

The series will air from November 20, 2021 to December 25, 2021 on WOWOW channel. The screening of the movie Zenkamono, set years after the drama, will be in January 2022. It tells of an original plot loosely based on the same manga where a detective, Kayo's former classmate (played by Isomura Hayato), joins her in pursuit of an ex-convict (played by Morita Go).

Both the series and the movie are directed by Kishi Yoshiyuki.
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