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Bokura no Shokutaku's live-action drama adaptation officially announced

© 2017 Mita Ori / Gentosha

The heartwarming story of Yutaka and Minoru would finally see the light of day as its live-action drama adaptation has been confirmed. On the official Twitter account of Rutile, the magazine that serializes Bokura no Shokutaku manga, it was briefly announced last November 22 that there will be a live-action adaptation of the said series and that more details would be posted soon.

Written and illustrated by Mita Ori, Bokura no Shokutaku (Our Dining Table) is a manga series published by Gentosha in 2017 featuring the relationship between two 23-year-old guys who would, later on, be bound interestingly by food. Living alone, Hozumi Yutaka is a salaryman known by his coworkers to be awkwardly quiet during meals. For this reason, they avoid inviting him any time they're eating out together, making him get used to having mealtimes alone. One day, he meets Ueda Minoru through his younger brother Ueda Tane, who was captivated by Yutaka's homemade onigiri. Minoru asks Yutaka to teach him how to make the onigiri his brother loves. Little do they know that it would be the start of them sharing more meals together.

The cast and official date of release have yet to be shared with the public.
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