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Character posters for live-action series 'Hellbound' out now

On its Instagram account, Netflix Korea has revealed the character posters for the live-action series Hellbound directed by Yeon Sang-ho (Train to Busan, Peninsula). The posters feature cast members Yoo Ah-in, Won Jin-a, Yang Ik-june, Park Jung-min, and Kim Hyun-joo.

Yoo Ah-in plays Jung Jin-soo, the head of a new religion called "Saejinrihwe." Jung Jin-soo exudes a powerful charisma and a mysterious aura. He believes the occurrence of death angels from Hell is a revelation from God.

Kim Hyun-joo is Min Hye-jin, a lawyer who strongly opposes the "Hwachalsok" (Arrowhead), the blind followers of the new religion Saejinrihwe.

Park Jung-min plays the character of Bae Young-jae, a program director for a broadcasting station who is making in-depth research about the new religion Saejinrihwe.

Won Jin-a portrays Song So-hyun, Bae Young-jae's wife who seems to be in deep torment.

Yang Ik-june is Jin Kyung-hoon, a detective who investigates the surfacing of angels of death on Earth.

Hellbound tells the story of people who hear predictions of their death at the most uncanny times and places. When the time of death comes, executioners from hell in the form of giant monsters will come to attack and burn them. The webcomic-based live-action series streams on Netflix on November 19, 2021.
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