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"Cherry Maho! Thirty Years of Virginity Can Make You a Wizard?!" is on for a movie in April 2022

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Akaso Eiji and Machida Keita will be back as Adachi Kiyoshi and Kurosawa Yuichi on the upcoming Cherry Maho! Thirty Years of Virginity Can Make You a Wizard?! The Movie as recently announced on Twitter. The live-action movie will be first aired nationwide in Japan on April 8, 2022, continuing the story from the last episode of the previously aired drama version.

Akaso Eiji as Adachi Kiyoshi and Machida Keita as Kurosawa Yuichi

Serialized by Gangan Pixiv by Square Enix, Cherry Maho is a fantasy romance manga with eight volumes so far written and illustrated by Toyota Yuu. It is about an unpopular man, Kiyoshi, who mysteriously gains the power of being able to read other people's minds just by touch after turning 30 years old while still being a virgin. The power seems to be useless and annoying to him until he accidentally touches his co-worker, Yuichi, and realizes that the man has romantic feelings for him.

© 2018 Toyota You / Square Enix

From October to December 2020, this masterpiece was already adapted into a 12-episode live-action drama, which has garnered several positive reviews from the viewers that most likely pushed the staff into finally making a movie version this coming spring.

Along with the returning main leads, Kodai Asaka, Takuya Kusakawa, Suzunosuke Tanaka, Yutaro Goto, and Ryo Sato will remain in the cast as Masato Tsuge, Yuta Rokkaku, Kengo Urabe, Minato Wataya, and Nozomi Fujisaki, respectively. Moreover, the movie will be led by director Hiroki Kazama, who also directed the live-action series, so continuity and consistency can be anticipated in this new adaptation.

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