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First poster teaser of 'Shall We Have a Cup of Coffee?' live-action adaptation released

© 2021 KakaoTV

Heo Young-man's Coffee Hanjan Halggayo? (English title: Shall We Have a Cup of Coffee?) comics reveals the first teaser poster of its live-action series adaptation courtesy of KakaoTV. It tells the story of a passionate newbie barista Kang Ko-bi (portrayed by Ong Seong-wu) who goes under the tutelage of coffee master Park Seok (portrayed by Park Ho-san) at his cafe, 2Dae Coffee. To accurately portray the role, Ong Seong-wu had to undergo barista training. Other cast members include Seo Young-hee, Kim Ye-eun, Choo Ye-jin, and Song Jae-ryong.

The manhwa Shall We Have a Cup of Coffee? was released in celebration of Heo Young-man's 40th anniversary in the art industry. He is widely known for his gourmet-themed and war-inspired works, which have been adapted into films and series. Both his parents' businesses in the then war-stricken Korea were also linked to food, with his father's being an anchovy business and his mother's a kitchenware store, which could explain the influence on some of his comics. His other works adapted into live-action include Bridal Mask/Gaksital (2012), Gourmet (2008), and Tazza (2008) among others.

Directed by No Jung-wook, Shall We Have a Cup of Coffee? is scheduled to air on October 24, 2021, with 12 episodes and 25 minutes each.
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