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Fujiwara Tatsuya and Matsuyama Kenichi reunite in live-action movie 'Noise'

©2017 Tsutsui Tetsuya / Shueisha

© 2022 Warner Bros. Japan

Thirteen years since their last movie project together for the live-action adaptation of Kaiji (2009), Fujiwara Tatsuya and Matsuyama Kenichi co-star again in crime and suspense-thriller Noise, a live-action movie based on Tsutsui Tetsuya's manga of the same name published in 2017. They are joined by A-list stars including Kamiki Ryunosuke, Watanabe Daichi, Itou Ayumi, and Sakou Yoshi among others. From its title alone, Noise is rather telling of how the story would possibly go: disturbance of something that used to be quiet.

With the success of growing black figs through the efforts of Izumi Keita (Fujiwara Tatsuya), the remote island of Shishikari is now on the verge of obtaining a 5 billion yen grant from the government to revitalize its rural economy. However, peace is threatened upon the sudden arrival of Omisaka Mitsuo (Watanabe Daichi), a suspicious non-resident. Keita and his friends Tanabe Jun (Matsuyama Kenichi) and Moriya Shinichiro (Kamiki Ryunosuke) accidentally kill Mitsuo, not knowing he is a serial killer who is on the run. The police track him down to Shishikari, and the group of friends is determined to cover up his murder to protect their futures.

The movie was directed by Hiroki Ryuichi known for dozens of successful live-action adaptations (Ride or Die, Policeman and Me, Wolf Girl and Black Prince). Noise will be screened in theaters in Japan on January 28, 2022.

Watch the trailer here (no subtitles):

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