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Cast of 'Gohoubi Gohan' live-action series holds online conference, reveals PR poster

Updated: Oct 1, 2021

© 2021 TV Tokyo / TV Osaka

© Komo Tomoko

The foodie in Sakurai Hinako emerges as she portrays the role of Ikeda Sakiko in the live-action adaptation of Gohoubi Gohan, the story of a newbie employee's hunt for diverse restaurants to reward herself with plenty of food after a week's hard work.

In an online press conference to promote the series, the cast of the live-action series Gohoubi Gohan said they went beyond limits in eating many different kinds of food while shooting. Sakurai recalls having to eat a huge hamburger for the first episode as a challenge of the restaurant but ends up eating two and a half of it instead. Furukawa Yuuki, who stars as Isogai Makoto, also admits to eating a lot at lunchtime and even during the shoot. Playing the role of Kominato Kaede is Okazaki Sae, who is happy to try different dishes without being conscious of others' reactions.

(from left to right) Furukawa Yuki, Sakurai HInako, Okazaki Sae

Gohoubi Gohan, (also translates to Reward Rice) is a manga that celebrates the blessing of food. The cast is asked to reveal in the event the best food reward that they have received in life. Sakurai boasts of her mom's omelet when she was still a student, while Okazaki likes the sukiyaki that she eats with her family every year-end. Furukawa says he has eaten yakiniku together with his family since he was young.

The artist of the manga, Komo Tomoko, relays a message of encouragement to the audience: that Reward Rice does not only give you energy "on days when you do your best but also on days when things go wrong."

Gohoubi Gohan starts airing on October 2, 2021 on TV Tokyo and TV Osaka.
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