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Hayato Sano cast in 'Usogui' as deuteragonist next to lead star Yokohama Ryusei

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Yokohama Ryusei and Sano Hayato co-star in Usogui (The Lie Eater), a live-action film about the gambler Madarame Baku and his comrades who bet their lives on the line to take over the infamous gambling organization, Club Kakerou. Yokohama Ryusei plays Madarame Baku, the cunning, silver-haired protagonist of the story who can see through others' deceit. Baku's apprentice, Takaomi Kaji (portrayed by Sano Hayato), is a young man who was swamped in debt prior to meeting him.

As a part of their preparation for their roles, Yokohama had to dye his hair silver to give respect to the original manga created by Sako Toshio where the live-action movie is adapted from, and Sano showed different facial expressions to give a fresh take on Takaomi Kaji as a character who is larger than life.

Directed by Nakata Hideo (Ring, Ring 2), Usogui will be screened in Japanese theaters in February 2022.
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