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Hirose Alice to star as illustrator in 'Lost Love' based on Kimaru Misaki's comic essay

Hirose Alice is confirmed to portray an illustrator of a manga serialization about people who have fallen out of love in Lost Love. Adapted from Kimaru Misaki's comic essay of the same name, the live-action series will depict artist Kimimaru Miki's (Hirose Alice) search for people who have sad love stories to tell and the dishes that came along with their relationships. Miki will have an intimate talk with them in each episode about being brokenhearted and how they can conquer it. She will then illustrate the stories on her comics published daily in a local newspaper.

©️2022 Amazon Prime Video / Yomiuri TV

Hirose felt comfortable when portraying Miki as though the character was ingrained in her. For her, being heartbroken expresses a negative emotion, but overcoming it at the end is positive, even though it's through food. She also commented that in case she becomes broken-hearted someday, she'll cure it by eating a lot.

Other cast members who will be joining Hirose Alice are Inowaki Kai, her potential love interest and worker at a flower shop, her editors and colleagues played by Murasugi Seminosuke, Usuda Asami and Ando Nico, and Wakabayashi Takuya, a bento deliveryman.

All 10 episodes of this pseudo-autobiography live-action series will be released at once on Amazon Prime Video on January 14, 2022, and will be broadcast on Yomiuri TV in July 2022.

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