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Inaba Yu plays husband with three wives in live-action series 'Harem Marriage'

Updated: Nov 25, 2021

Inaba Yu will start off his 2022 with the role of a lover in the live-action series Harem Marriage based on NON's manga. It tells the story of Maezono Koharu, a 22-year-old woman living in Tokyo who has unwittingly become involved with married men. When it happens for the third time, she returns to her hometown to rest, only to discover that her parents are having financial difficulties and have had to close the café they were running. Her hometown has also adopted the polygamy system to address its declining birth rate, and an attractive former pianist named Date Ryuunosuke (Inaba Yu) proposes to her to be his third wife. Koharu did not like his arrogant attitude of proposing, especially when he already has two wives, but she gradually warms up to him.

©️2022 ABC

©2014 NON / Kodansha

Inaba finds the backgrounds of each character interesting in a setting that is unfamiliar to Japan. As for his character, he tries to experience how to play the piano to portray him well. Likewise, he thinks Ryuunosuke is attractive but flawed and does not live up to the standards of a good man, but this factor helps him set his priorities straight at least.

Harem Marriage will be broadcast on ABC TV and TV Kanagawa sometime in January 2022, with 9 episodes and 30 minutes each.

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