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Intense ‘Kappei’ promotional leaflet features main cast

Kappei live-action film releases action-packed promotional leaflets. It features the main cast Ito Hideaki, Kamishiraishi Moka, and Nishihata Daigo.

© 2022 Toho

The live-action film will be adapted from Wakasugi Kiminori’s slapstick comedy manga Kappei. Ito Hideaki will portray Kappei, one of the “Warriors of the End.” They are martial artists comprised of young men who have been training on a secluded island in preparation for an apocalypse foretold by Nostradamus. After anticipating for a catastrophe that never occurred, Master decides to disband the group, and Kappei ends up in modern-day Tokyo. Clueless of the modern world, Kappei starts his new life. He fatefully encounters college student Yamase Haru (portrayed by Kamishiraishi Moka). Naniwa Danshi’s Nishihata Daigo plays another college student Iruma Keita, who is easily swayed by Kappei. The story is set to year 2022 instead of following the manga’s 2011 modern-day setting.

Other cast members also appear in the promotional leaflets, including Onuki Yusuke, Yamamoto Koji, Ozawa Yukiyoshi, and Furuta Arata.

Kappei live-action film will be directed by Hirano Takano (Dororo, Library Wars live-action films), while screenwriting is by Tokonaga Yuichi (Kaguya-sama: Love is war live-action film). Music will be composed by Endo Koji. Yamaguchi Kappei (Detective Conan’s Shinichi Kudo, One Piece’s Usopp) will be performing the film’s narration.

Kappei will open in theaters in Japan on March 18, 2022.

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