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Komatsu Nana, Hayashi Kento grace the premiere of 'Parasite in Love' live-action movie

Updated: Oct 13, 2021

Two unconventional people who are different yet eerily similar find love in each other in the story of Koisuru Kiseijuu (English title: Parasite in Love), a light novel written by Miaki Suguru in 2016. Five years later, a live-action movie would be produced starring Hayashi Kento as the male lead, Kosaka Kengo, and Komatsu Nana as the female lead, Sanagi Hijiri. Hijiri is a high school student who has a strange fixation on parasites and insects. On one of her escapades, she meets Kengo, a man with obsessive compulsive disorder and mysophobia. The two scour through life together amid their unusual circumstances and experience feelings they never expected.

©2016 Miaki Sugaru / Kadokawa

The live-action movie shows the use of visual effects and CG in some scenes to illustrate the characters' psychological state and to depict insects. At the premiere, Komatsu comments that the two characters have enemies that are invisible to the audience, from which the CG comes in to exhibit their real feelings.

Hayashi and Komatsu talk about the camaraderie they have built while shooting the film: giving and taking pieces of advice when it comes to acting, making it a wonderful experience for them both. The director, Kakimoto Kensaku, is also praised by the two leads for his creativity to give representation to the human mind.

(from left to right: Komatsu Nana, Hayashi Kento, director Kakimoto Kensaku)

Parasite in Love will be shown in theaters all over Japan on November 12, 2021.
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