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Light novel 'Haken Anime!' to be adapted into live-action film supervised by TOEI Animation

The light novel Haken Anime! written by Tsujimura Mizuki and illustrated by CLAMP will be adapted into a live-action film starring Yoshioka Riho, Nakamura Tomoya, Emoto Tasuku, and Ono Machiko.

© 2012 Tsujimura Mizuki / CLAMP

© 2022 Toei / I.G

Haken Anime! will give us a glimpse of the animation world as it tells the story of producers, directors, animators, and other professionals working in the said industry. Filmmaker Hitomi Saito (Yoshioka Riho) battles it out for her debut film against her idol, the renowned director Ouji Chiharu (Nakamura Tomoya). For the first time in eight years, Oji, who has previously created hit films and is regarded as a genius, collaborates with producer Arishina Kayako (Ono Machiko) to return to the director's chair. Together with the eccentric producer Yukishiro Satoru (Emoto Tasuku) and his similarly eccentric pals, Hitomi fights for her work to have the title of "Haken," the most popular anime.

The live-action side of the movie will be supervised by Toei Animation, while the animation side will be handled by studios such as I.G among others. Yoshino Kohei, one of the videographers of the anime Your Name will be directing the film.

A total of three teasers have been released to promote the movie: a teaser showing the animators in a fierce competition and two anime teasers entitled "Soundback Kanade no Ishi" and "Fate Front Riddle Light," presumably the two anime that Hitomi and Oji are working on respectively.

The live-action film is slated to be released in May 2022.

Watch the teasers here (without English subtitles):

Movie Teaser:

Soundback Kanade no Ishi Teaser (anime):

Fate Front Riddle Light (anime):

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