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Live-action series 'Harem Marriage' update: Yanagi Yurina gets the role of first wife

Updated: Dec 1, 2021

A new cast member of the Harem Marriage live-action drama adaptation has been announced. Along with Shimazaki Haruka as Maezono Koharu, the third wife, and Inaba Yu as Date Ryunosuke, the husband of three wives, Yanagi Yurina joins them as Date Yuzu, who is the first wife of the Date family.

Shimazaki Haruka (Maezono Koharu), Inaba Yu (Date Ryunosuke), Yanagi Yurina (Date Yuzu)

Based on the original manga by NON, the drama is an interesting depiction of an unconventional family setting, which is polygamy. It starts with the main protagonist, Koharu, becoming involved in her hometown's new law of accepting polygamous marriages due to the declining birthrate in their country. After being unwillingly entangled with the affairs of married men several times in a row in Tokyo, she decides to turn over a new leaf by going back to her hometown, only to find out that her family's house and coffee shop would soon be given up to debt collectors by her parents. Upon knowing her situation, Ryunosuke, whom Koharu initially thought was a weird and creepy guy, offers to help her pay the debt in exchange for being his third wife. Though Koharu is adamant at first about refusing his proposal, she eventually agrees and would ultimately relent on this new setup.

Among the three wives, Yuzu is the first to be Ryunosuke's wife and is also the daughter of their hometown's mayor, who is the main advocate of the Harem Marriage law. She is characterized as a daring, refreshing, and bright woman, who is surprisingly good at doing housework. According to Yanagi, Yuzu is an enthralling character, and as she read through the story, she became naturally drawn into her reasons for becoming involved in harem marriage.

Yanagi Yurina as Date Yuzu

Yanagi commented, "What is this treasure trove of amazing protagonists? I feel that the charm of each character is wonderful despite touching the challenging theme of polygamy. I was able to consider once again that family situations are varied. The representation of harem marriage, which is an unorthodox family framework, in the story is very interesting and shows its pros and cons. Regarding my role, I want to try my best to portray Yuzu as how she is in the original story. I think it is important to be fully prepared into playing this reliable woman who is like a mother who pulls the Date family together. All the cast and staff members would like to create a new 'Harem Marriage' with full consideration of the original manga. This drama will be a family-themed, heartwarming comedy, and we will do our best to make you enjoy it!"

Consisting of nine 30-minute episodes, Harem Marriage will be broadcast on ABC TV and TV Kanagawa this coming January 2022. Viewers who miss the episodes can catch up through TVer and GYAO! after the ABC TV broadcast, and unlimited viewing would also be available in TELASA, au Smart Pass, J:COM On Demand, and milplus.


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