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Machida Keita's chosen manga with himself as main character gets live-action adaptation

Updated: Sep 12, 2022

A manga-drawing contest with Alice in Borderland actor Machida Keita as the main character was held as a collaborative project between Mecha Comic and TV Tokyo. The announcement says, "Please draw a manga with me as the main character. It will even be made into a drama!"

The actor served as the chairman of the screening committee and jury, who has unanimously chosen the lucky manga out of many creative entries. The manga will be serialized in Mecha Comic, and its live-action adaptation will be broadcast on TV Tokyo in February 2022, where Machida will also act.

A special documentary that will detail the production, from the selection process in the manga contest up to the making of the live-action adaptation, will be shown on January 5. Some video clips of Machida Keita and the contest's finalists are already up on TV Tokyo's YouTube channel.

Machida Keita: "Please draw a manga with me as the main character. It will also be made into a drama!"

Machida has always dreamed of being involved in the production of creative work, so it was an honor for him to be asked to participate in such a project. Being a manga fan himself since he was a kid, he gladly accepted the offer in a heartbeat but was still aware of the risk of not knowing how it will turn out. The selection process was difficult for him as all the entries were unique, which he described as "the ability to turn 0 into 1."

He expressed his gratitude to everyone who participated. He also thanked the staff for their determination to think about the project, and he felt the weight of this responsibility. The 31-year-old actor vowed to prepare and do his best with the staff to make the live-action series interesting.

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