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Main poster of 'Rinko-san Wants to Try' based on webcomic released

The newest poster of the live-action series Rinko-san Wants to Try based on Fujita Mio's webcomic has been released. The live-action series tells the story of two successful and passionate 27-year-old wedding planners who happen to have no sexual experience. Amaki Rinko (Takada Kaho) and Kamisaka Gen (Totsuka Shota) get into an agreement as inexperienced partners who will practice intimate acts for when they finally meet the love of their lives. Joining the cast of the steamy series are Kakei Miwako, Iijima Hiroki, Yun, Izuka Kenta, Makino Rika, Hayashi Yume, and Kyoten Waku. The opening theme song "Spark Addition" is performed by the boyband A.B.C.-Z where Shota is also a member, and the ending song "Yoru wa Mikansei" is sung by Kalen Anzai.

Rinko-san wa Shite Mitai, the original webcomic it was based on, has more than 11 million downloads. It was published on Dec. 1 2017 via Mecha Comic.

Rinko-san Wants to Try premieres October 19, 2021 on TBS and MBS at 00:59 and 01:28 respectively.
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