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Newest 'Shadow Beauty' live-action series poster shows main cast

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The newest poster of the 13-episode live-action series Shadow Beauty sports the four main leads Shim Dal-gi, Lee Na-gyung, Choi Bo-min, and Yang Hong-seok. Adapted from the webtoon of the same name written and illustrated by A-heum, Shadow Beauty tells the story of Goo Ae-jin (Shim Dal-gi), a bullied student who has an alter-ego on social media by the name of "Genie" (Lee Na-gyung). Unknown to her 770,000 followers, "Genie" does not exist and was only formed out of Ae-jin's selfies with the help of heavy make-up and photo editing. But someone from school finds out about her secret.

The third teaser has also been revealed recently, focused more on the bullying that Ae-jin receives at school and the many products she orders online to beautify herself.

Watch the third teaser here (without English subtitles):

Shadow Beauty streams on Kakao TV on November 20, 2021.
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