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'Pâtissier-san to Ojou-san' to have live-action TV drama and movie in 2022

TV Kanagawa has released the first official poster for the upcoming drama series Pâtissier-san to Ojou-san (English title: The Pâtissier and the Young Lady) based on Gindoro’s same-titled ongoing original manga. A total of four episodes will be aired on several local TV stations in Japan starting in January 2022, and a movie adaptation will also be released in May 2022.

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The romantic comedy series revolves around the life of a young lady named Fumiko Haru, who loves sweets and rewards herself every Friday after work by purchasing different varieties of dessert from a patisserie. There she regularly meets the handsome pâtissier, Okuno Jouji, who has been crushing hard on his cute weekly customer, along with the manager, Tatewaki Ryou, who finds amusement in watching the love between the two unfold.

These characters will be brought to life by Okamoto Natsumi as Fumiko, Sakiyama Tsubasa as Jouji, and Murai Ryouta as Ryou.

There will also be an early premiere of all the episodes, which would be held at Ginza Blossom in Tokyo on January 15, 2022. At the said event, the main leads, Okamoto Natsumi and Sakiyama Tsubasa will make an appearance, along with the director of the series, Furuyama Tomoyuki.

Pâtissier-san to Ojou-san was first posted on Twitter as a four-page manga in 2017. Renowned publisher Ichijinsha noticed the manga on the platform due to its extreme popularity and offered the artist to have it serialized in its magazine Zero-Sum.

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