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Revenge-thriller live-action drama adaptation 'Hiru' reveals supporting cast

Hiru, a revenge-thriller live-action drama adaptation covering Imai Daisuke's Hiru and Hiru 2, announces additional cast. Hiru's story follows rogues called "hiru" or "leeches," who parasitize on other people's properties and lifestyles. The first season will center on Shinomiya Yuki (Akaso Eiji), a man whose identity was stolen by a hiru, learns of their existence. He struggles to reclaim his identity as he escapes the authorities for a crime he did not commit. The second season will focus on Kara (Sakaguchi Kentaro), a mysterious hiru who lives for revenge.

© 2011 Imai Daisuke / Shinchosha

© 2022 WOWOW

Supporting cast for the WOWOW drama Hiru includes the following actors and actresses:

Yoshikawa Ai as Zoka, a mysterious woman who asks for Yuki's help in avenging her father's death. She is an unregistered person who is raised by a homeless man; Iitoyo Marie as Hako, an amateur hiru who knows of Kara's past; Yanagi Shuntaro as Yobi, the hiru who have stolen Yuki's identity; Itagaki Mizuki as Tetris, a man shrouded in mystery; Sakuma Yui as Robo, who was saved by Kara and eventually turned into a hiru; Itsuji Itao plays as an original character called Yasima or the "Masked Man," a crime leader who conducts a series of murders; Konishi Manami as Suzuki, a detective who learns about the reality of hiru as she chases after the "Masked Man"; Tanaka Koutaro as Sato, another detective who follows after hiru; Matsuzawa Takumi as Milo, Yobi's lackey; Miura Masaki portrays Nanashi, whom Kara treasures as a brother; Riju Tsuyoshi plays as a senior detective working with Suzuki and Sato to chase down Yobi and Yuki.

Suzuki Koseki (Signal, Crisis: Special Security Squad) will be directing the live-action series. Takeshi Aoshima and Kakesu Natsumi are the screenwriters.

Hiru will air on WOWOW in March 2022.

Watch the 15-sec teaser here (without English subtitles):

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