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Review: 'From Today, It's My Turn!!' Episode 1

This review contains spoilers.

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From Today, It’s My Turn is a live-action series based on a shonen manga entitled Kyou Kara Ore Wa!! in 1994 written and illustrated by Nishimori Hiroyuki. It stars Kaku Kento as Mitsuhashi Takashi, a recently turned tsuppari. According to the show, tsuppari is considered a social phenomenon in the 80s when the youth burst forth for not having outlets for their pent-up energy. It manifested in forms of rebellion and eccentric fashion. In modern times, they are what we usually call delinquents or “Yankees.”

The series opens with the Mitsuhashi family moving to Chiba. A dull-looking teenager called Mitsuhashi Takashi is asked by his mom to get a haircut before school starts. The scene initially appeared like a mom asking his son to complete a mundane task. In Mitsuhashi's mind, however, the task is actually an opportunity for him to become what he aims to be, a tsuppari. From there, Takashi’s character turns 180 degrees. With his bright yellow hair, he comes out oozing with confidence and anticipation for the incoming school year.

From Today, It’s My Turn is a hilarious show about Japanese youth in the 80s. More particularly, it is about high school students who consider themselves as tsuppari. Mitsuhashi Takashi and Ito Shinji, both of whom have recently decided to become tsuppari, transferred to Nanyo High School. Due to an encounter with their seniors, they end up being recognized as leaders of Nan High. Aside from introducing a funny set of characters, the episode centers around saving a girl named Kyoko from a group of gangsters. Mitsuhashi’s and Ito’s ways of fighting are like two sides of the same coin. For Mitsuhashi, it does not matter if his methods are dirty or uncool: winning is all that matters. Ito, however, prefers to fight honorably. He believes being in the right equates to winning. Their differences created a rift between them, causing them to go on their separate ways. Ito ventures towards the enemies alone.

Kaku Kento’s portrayal of Mitsuhashi seemed like he was torn out from a page of a shonen manga. His facial expressions and mannerisms are on point. He often has a new, funny way of introducing himself. Ito Kentaro’s Ito is a typical, manly delinquent who values honor and clichés. Still, it is always funny how he is able to quickly switch between his serious demeanor to his lovestruck face whenever Hashimoto Kanna’s Kyoko is involved.

Overall, the episode did not fall short of humor. They kept on throwing jokes here and there that I am getting worried about the contents of the future episodes. Kidding aside, some of the jokes may indeed be shallow, but all that matters is the timing. In that sense, they always get it right. The casting is good, and the characters are all literally hilarious, from the protagonist down to the side characters. I look forward to how the story unfolds as they make an enemy out of the gangsters.

Overall rating: 8/10

From Today, It’s My Turn!! is currently available on Netflix.
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