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Review: 'From Today, It's My Turn!!' Episode 2

This review contains spoilers.

This show is a dramatization of tsuppari high school kids discovering rugby. They are being guided by an enthusiastic teacher (cue in Mukunoki-sensei), as they miraculously become champions of the whole country— no, actually. They did nothing like this in this episode.

Akasaka Riko (portrayed by Seino Nana) was briefly introduced at the end of the previous episode as a strong student from Nan High. She was shown fighting against several mobs when Mitsuhashi and Ito were already too worn out to fight. The next day, she denied Mitsuhashi from taking Ito’s bento.

Kaku Kento as Mitsuhashi Takashi

Picking up from where the previous episode ended, Mitsuhashi now seems to hold a grudge against Riko. Mitsuhashi and Riko get into a squabble, and Ito stops them. It was sharp of him to recognize that it’s wrong for Riko to pick a fight as a school monitor. His character may not be as air-headed as Mitsuhashi’s.

Kaku Kento as Mitsuhashi Takashi and Seino Nana as Akasaka Riko

Mitsuhashi then has a funny interaction with his parents at dinner. With his mouth ajar and his mind elsewhere, he repeatedly picks up and drops his food. His parents conclude that Mitsuhashi is actually in love. His dad calls him stupid, but the apple does not fall far from the tree, Dad! It’s also wrong to think that the mom is the only one in their right mind in the family as each one of them is quite funny in their own ways. Overall, their family dynamic is hilarious.

One of the most comical bits for me this time is the scene with Kyoko and Ito. It's not only Ito Kentaro who is good at switching personas; Hashimoto Kanna is quite good at it too. Their love-struck antics are downright funny and borderline cringy.

Riko is later seen surrounded by thugs, their intent unknown. Mitsuhashi tails them, grinning for his chance to shine as a hero. Apparently, the whole thing was set up by Riko to test him. The episode centers around Riko and her father as they face a challenge issued by a competitor dojo, and the losing one closes as a consequence. Mitsuhashi didn’t want to get involved at first but obliges later on when he discovers that the participants from the other dojo are too strong. Imai, Tanigawa, and surprisingly, Mukunoki-sensei also join the team.

Ito Kentaro as Ito Shinji and Seino Nana as Akasaka Riko

This episode is a bit serious compared with the previous one, especially the part where the camaraderie among tsuppari is exhibited. We can also catch a glimpse of Mitsuhashi’s serious side. Apparently, his character is not exactly as comical as my impression of him was. There are times when he would suddenly become serious and seemingly angry. After all, he still has some of the otoko principles, albeit his approach may differ from the more clichéd characters. His vibe is just more cowardly, and sometimes, low-key smarter. The differences in his expressions are also clearly portrayed in Kaku Kento’s face. Despite that, their encounters still end up on a comical note.

Overall rating: 8/10

From Today, It’s My Turn!! is currently available on Netflix.
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