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Romantic thriller manga ‘Itoshii Uso: Yasashii Yami’ gets live-action drama adaptation in 2022

Itoshii Uso: Yasashii Yami live-action drama adaptation is based on a manga of the same title by Aimoto Mizuho. The suspenseful romance unravels when Imai Nozomi (Haru) reunites with Amemiya Shuichi (Hayashi Kento), whom she always believed was her unrequited love. Quite the opposite, he appears to show interest towards her at their junior high school reunion. However, they get tangled in a series of incidents where their friends are dying one by one. The live-action series is said to include an original development, which is not depicted in the manga’s storyline. Ushio Kentaro, who is known for his works in Downtown Rocket (2018) and Hanzawa Naoki (2020), will be the screenwriter.

Haru will portray Imai Nozomi, a manga artist who unfortunately fails her debut and is now working as an assistant. Hayashi Kento as Amemiya Shuichi is Nozomi’s first love. He is now a president of an IT company.

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© 2020 Aimoto Mizuho / Kodansha

When artist Aimoto Mizuho first heard about the live-action adaptation of her manga, she could not believe it. Her spirit soared, however, when she learned that Haru and Hayashi Kento were selected for the lead roles. She is aware of the original contents to be added to the drama and looks forward to it. She anticipates how the drama will breathe life into her characters.

Haru comments that it is her first time working on a romantic thriller. The script makes her want to challenge herself. For her, Nozomi is a highly anxious character that is continuously caught up in the clutches of the events. With Nozomi’s fear in the closest proximity of the audience’s POV, she aims to portray a character that will absorb everyone in suspense.

To learn more about the drama, Hayashi Kento has initially read the manga, followed by the script. He is thrilled about Amemiya’s role and how the story unpredictably unfolds. He pays gratitude to the director, for entrusting him with the role. He remarks that Ushio Kentaro’s script is written with substantial depth, the characters are presented without gaps. For Hayashi, Amemiya Shuichi is a difficult role, but he hopes to play him with confidence in the script.

According to Haru, she and Hayashi Kento first worked together on a film 15 years ago. She trusts Kento with her acting, and she is very excited about how he will portray Amemiya. Upon learning that Haru is cast in the upcoming drama, Hayashi is eager to take part as well. He stated that he has always been inspired by Haru’s sincere attitude towards work, despite being close in age. He also trusts that no matter how he proceeds with the role, Haru will accept it. He hopes to play Amemiya without restraints.

"Reunion" is a familiar theme and a common experience among many. Regardless, the producer of the live-action series, Oe Tatsuki, believes that it is also an occasion where everyone is vain: deception, secrets, and darkness hidden behind an amiable façade.

Oe Tatsuki would like to present an authentic romantic-thriller Friday night series that adults will enjoy. He looks forward to seeing how Haru, a versatile actress, performs as Nozomi, whose peaceful life abruptly ends as she gets entangled with the story’s events and eventually unearths her friends’ pasts. He is also positive that Hayashi’s Amemiya Shuichi will capture the viewers’ hearts.

As per TV Asahi, Itoshii Uso: Yasashii Yami live-action drama adaptation will air every Friday, starting January 2022.

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