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'Shadow Beauty' depicts secret life of tormented student in spine-chilling teaser

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Shim Dal-gi leads a double life in the newest live-action series produced by Kakao TV, Shadow Beauty, as high school student Goo Ae-jin. The recently released teaser gives off a suspense vibe due to its overall dark tone and the sensitive topic of bullying. Ae-jin is relentlessly pushed around by people in different places while she is sporting a blank face. Unknown to many, she has a second persona in the form of "Genie (Lee Na-gyung)," a social media influencer with 770,000 followers. "Genie" was created from exaggerated selfies she made out of heavy make-up and photo editing. When Ae-jin comes home and faces the mirror, she puts on makeup and a wig to start her pretense as Genie. The torment that Ae-jin undergoes every day as shown in the teaser convinces viewers why a secret life is a necessary escape for the poor student. Aside from the fast switching of images from Ae-jin to Genie's face, the transitions in the video also include excerpt images from the original webtoon by the artist A-heum where the Shadow Beauty live-action series is adapted from.

Shadow Beauty will stream on Kakao TV on November 20, 2021 at 20:00.

Watch it here:

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