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Shimazaki Haruka to play third wife in romcom live-action series 'Harem Marriage'

Updated: Nov 25, 2021

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© 2014 NON / Kodansha

Six years after she bagged her first starring role in 2016 TV Asahi series Keishichou Nasi Goreng ka, Shimazaki Haruka is ready to conquer the television again in 2022 as the protagonist of the live-action series Harem Marriage. Based on the popular seinen manga of the same name created by NON and published by Kodansha from 2014 to 2019, Harem Marriage follows the story of 22-year-old Maezono Koharu living in the big city of Tokyo, who has unknowingly associated herself with married men. When it happens the third time, she goes back to her hometown to refresh, only to find out that her parents are struggling and had to eventually close down the café they were running. To boot, her hometown has adopted the polygamy system to ail its shrinking birth rate, and a mysterious man is eyeing her as his third wife.
In October, a public audition was announced to determine who will play the main roles for the live-action series. The production staff said they will be recruiting two to three men among many women. The said audition ended on November 7, 2021, and a week later, Shimazaki Haruka was declared to be the main lead.

To prepare for the role of Koharu, the former AKB48 member has cut her hair short by 25 cm. She is also studying Koharu's facial expressions as drawn on the manga and written on the script. While learning more about her character, Shimazaki finds herself sympathizing with Koharu in terms of straightforwardness and a slight indifference toward the future.

Harem Marriage will be broadcast on ABC TV and TV Kanagawa sometime in January 2022, with 9 episodes and 30 minutes each.

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