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Sorimachi Takashi cast in live-action series 'Imadoki no Wakaimon wa'

Sorimachi Takashi secures his first role in 2022 as Ishizawa Hajime, the protagonist of the live-action series based on Yoshitani Kohei's webcomic Imadoki no Wakaimon wa. Hajime is the sales department chief of a trading company. Due to his intimidating looks, young employees are wary of approaching him. A newbie sales employee, Mugita Ayumi, doesn't seem fazed by him, but her working environment doesn't seem to suit her. The live-action series is slated to air in the spring of 2022 on WOWOW Network and will be directed by Yamada Yoshitatsu. This will be his first project as a director. Other cast members have not been announced as of yet.
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