Suzuki Nobuyuki, Inukai Atsuhiro enter a love contract in 'Kei x Yaku' live-action series

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NTV's Kei x Yaku - Abunai Aibou live-action series paves the way for many firsts for its dual protagonists, Suzuki Nobuyuki and Inukai Atsuhiro. This is the actors' very first project together and also the first time they will act in a boys' love (BL) series.

Based on the manga created by Kaoruhara Yoshie in 2019 and published by Kodansha, Kei x Yaku - Abunai Aibou (English title: Kei x Yaku - Dangerous Companion) challenges the limits of a public security investigator when restrictions have been set in doing his job. Kunishita Ichiro (Suzuki Nobuyuki) appeals to reopen a three-year-old investigation case called "Joker Case" but instead gets assigned with a different mission, the close observation of a young yakuza leader, Hanabusa Shiro (Inukai Atsuhiro). Unable to let go of the unsolved case, he conspires with Shiro by entering a fake love contract with him in order to investigate the Joker Case discreetly.

Suzuki Nobuyuki (left) and Inukai Atsuhiro (right)

Suzuki considers this role to be the turning point of his career as it is new and challenging to him. He wishes to portray the character of an honest police officer full of passion. The same goes with Kunishita, who will play the role of an attractive yakuza. He commented that he was worried at first for filling the character with several elements combined but later on embraced it with ease when he read the manga.

The series will be directed by Hatano Takafumi (Bloody Monday, Border). He is looking forward to Suzuki and Kunishita's chemistry when portraying their persevering characters and how their hardships will translate on television.

Kei x Yaku is scheduled to air on YTV and NTV on January 13, 2022.
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