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'Sweet Home,' Alice in Borderland' bag wins at the Asia Contents Awards 2021

Updated: Oct 12, 2021

At the recently held Asia Contents Awards 2021 in Busan, Netflix's Sweet Home and Alice in Borderland live-action adaptations won in the technical and creative categories, showcasing the versatility of the two series.

© 2020 Kim Kan-bi / Hwang Young-chan / Netflix

© 2020 Aso Haro / Netflix / Robot Communications

Sweet Home's Ko Min-si (Lee Eun-yu) and Koe Yeet from Thailand shared the Newcomer Actress Award, a recognition given to the new breed of actresses that showed exemplary performance in their respective roles. Another winner from Sweet Home is Song Kang (Cha Hyun-su), who was recognized as a rising star and was given the ACA Excellence Award. For the series' overall stellar production, the Sweet Home team received the Technical Achievement Award. Adapted from the webcomic by Kim Kan-bi and Hwang Young-chan in 2017, Sweet Home tells the story of Cha Hyun-su, a high school student who lives in self-isolation due to a troubled past. He starts inhabiting a small apartment in a shabby building, during which time humans from different parts of the world inexplicably turn into monsters.

Alice in Borderland goes beyond limits yet again for receiving the Creative Beyond Border Award together with Bad Genius The Series from Thailand. Now winning awards in Korea, Alice in Borderland was previously announced to have won three awards at the Singapore-based, award-giving body Asian Academy Creative Awards. Based on Aso Haro's Alice in Borderland manga, the Netflix series is about hardcore gamer Arisu and his friends mysteriously plunging into a parallel universe of Tokyo where the residents are missing and deadly games await those who have managed to enter.

In its third year of giving honor to excellent TV, OTT (over-the-top), and online content, Asia Contents Awards continues to recognize media networks, producers, and creators for their contributions to the entertainment industry.

Full List of Winners:

Best Creative: Move to Heaven
Best Asian TV series: Girl From Nowhere Season 2
Best OTT Original: The Long Night
Best Asian Animation: Heaven’s Design Team
Best Short-form/Web Drama: Sheker
Technical Achievement: Sweet Home
Best Actress: Song Jia in A Love For Dilemma
Best Actor: Lee Je-hoon in Move to Heaven
Best Writer: Yoon Ji-ryun for Move to Heaven
Newcomer Actress: Ko Min-si in Sweet Home and Koe Yeet in Titoudao
Newcomer Actor: Morisaki Win in The Real Thing
ACA Excellence: Song Kang for Sweet Home and Navillera
ACA Jury Special: Hanzawa Naoki
Creative Beyond Border: Alice in Borderland and Bad Genius The Series
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