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'Tokyo Revengers' cast, crew thankful for being the No.1 live-action movie of 2021

Updated: Oct 13, 2021

Photographed by: ENO

In a series of Instagram posts, the Tokyo Revengers live-action movie's official account thanked the fans for their support as they have officially become the highest-grossing live-action film of 2021. Upon its release in Japan on July 9, 2021, the film already landed the top spot and has since earned ¥4.38 billion (around $39 million USD). The series of posts starts with an image of actor Kitamura Takumi (Hanagaki Takemichi) and his message of gratitude on the caption, and ends with the message of live-action movie director, Hanabusa Tsutomu.

The Tokyo Revengers live-action movie is based on Ken Wakui's manga of the same name, which was published in 2017 in Weekly Shounen Magazine. It follows the story of Hanagaki Takemichi, a 26-year old store employee who grows the ability to travel back and forth in time, giving him a chance to correct the mistakes of the past and to bring back certain people to life. Takemichi gets actively involved in gangs in the past timeline, which he believes will shape the future he so denies to accept.

Some of the biggest stars in the cast of Tokyo Revengers are Kitamura Takumi, Yoshizawa Ryo, Yamada Yuki, Sugino Yosuke, Mamiya Shotaro, and Imada Mio among others.

Note: Included in the Instagram posts are thank you's on Suzuki Nobuyuki and Mamiya Shotaro's images, which we failed to include in the collage but are putting down below:

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