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Tsutsumi Shinichi to star in live-action series 'If My Wife Became An Elementary Schoolgirl'

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Tsutumi Shinichi will play the role of a widower in the TBS winter drama for 2022 Tsuma, Shougakusei ni Naru (English title: If My Wife Became An Elementary School Student). Niijima Keisuke (Tsutsumi Shinichi) has been a widower for 10 years and has had a sour relationship with his daughter since his wife died. One day, a mysterious elementary schoolgirl shows up and introduces herself as Takae, Keisuke's wife. Based on the manga of the same name by Murata Yuuya published in 2018, this live-action series will be handled by four directors, which suggests that each episode will have a different director.

Tsuma, Shougakusei ni Naru is scheduled to air in January 2022. Other cast members are yet to be revealed.
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