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Webtoon 'Shadow Beauty' gets live-action adaptation, more teaser photos revealed

Shim Dal-gi as Koo Ae-jin

©2021 Kakao TV

Shim Dal-gi plays Koo Ae-jin, a high-school student leading a double life in the live-action adaptation of the webtoon Shadow Beauty written and illustrated by A-heum. Koo Ae-jin is bullied by her classmates and criticized by strangers because of her appearance. But after school, she goes by the name "Genie," (Lee Na-gyung) a social media sensation with 770,000 followers. Genie is a second persona created by Ae-jin out of heavy make-up and photo editing. One day, a schoolmate discovers her secret.

Genie, portrayed by actress Lee Na-gyung

This newest Kakao TV series tackles the social construct of beauty and the challenges that teenagers of today are facing, especially the longstanding battle against bullying. Shadow Beauty will have 13 episodes to stream on Kakao TV starting November 20, 2021. Other cast members include Choi Bo-min, Yang Hong-seok, Heo Jung-hee, and Baek Ji-hye.
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