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'Work Later, Drink Now' live-action series releases new poster; webcomic artist recreates it

Updated: Oct 1, 2021

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© 2014 Mikkang

Jung Eun-ji, Lee Sun-bin, And Han Sun-hwa playfully drink in the newest poster of Work Later, Drink Now, the live-action adaptation of Drinker City Women (literal title), a webcomic created by Mikkang. Hovering above them is the expression "Let's not push today's drink to tomorrow," which is already telling of the series' possible genres and its overall vibe.

It follows the story of a group of friends who enjoys drinking as they encounter different circumstances in life. Apink's Jung Eun-ji portrays the role of Kang Ji-goo, a YouTuber who makes origami. Lee Sun-bin is Ahn So-hee, a television scriptwriter, while Han Sun-hwa stars as Han Ji-yeon, a yoga instructor. Joining the all-female cast is Super Junior's Choi Si-won with the role of Kang Buk-gu, a variety show producer.

Work Later, Drink Now will air on October 22, 2021 on TVING network.
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