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Yoshida Kotaro strives to bring happiness to three daughters in 'Oi Handsome!' live-action series

Bringing another Kodansha-published manga to life is Tokai TV's latest production, the Oi Handsome! live-action series. It will be adapted from Ito Risa's manga Oi Piitan!! (sequel, 1998) and Oi Oi Piitan!! (2018). The story follows Ito Gentaro (Yoshida Kotaro), a strong-willed father who strives to bring happiness to his three daughters who are experiencing hardships in their relationships and career.

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The live-action series will revolve around the themes of love, family, and food. Kinami Haruka will play the eldest daughter, Yuka, who always gets romantically involved with married men. Sakuma Yui will be the second daughter, Satoka. She is living in Osaka together with her highly educated husband, but they are now on the verge of divorce. The third daughter is Mika, a budding manga artist to be portrayed by Takeda Rena. Yoshida Kotaro's wife in the series will be MEGUMI, to play Chizuru.

The Cast's Thoughts

Veteran actor Yoshida Kotaro thinks that men who are adopting the style of fatherhood during the Showa era of Japan (1926 -1989; Post World War I up to Post-1945 Showa era) are decreasing, but he wishes to show that not every father who has this approach are bad, and that they also have good values.

Aside from the family situation in the live-action series, actress Kinami Haruka, who is a lover of dramas and movies that heavily include food, looks forward to the food that will be featured in each episode.

It is not the first time that Sakuma Yui will be co-starring with 62-year-old Yoshida Kotaro. She thinks it will be a fun and interesting drama with him and the rest of the cast members.

Famous model and actress Takeda Rena is looking forward to playing Ito Gentaro's youngest daughter, who is struggling to be a manga artist. The director first asked her if she knew how to cook medamayaki (sunny-side up egg). Her character Mika wants to live alone for the sole purpose of eating the egg yolk only with rice. With this, she became excited to read the script.

With the role of a mother in the series, MEGUMI is challenged to portray a character that will be 10 years older than her real age. She thinks the family's relationship is realistic and relatable. The actress hopes to show the "unique shape" of the family that has been formed through the years.

Oi Handsome! will be directed by Yamaguchi Masatoshi (Ushijima The Loan Shark). The eight-episode live-action series will be broadcast on Tokai TV and Fuji TV Network starting January 8, 2022 on the 23:40-00:35 time slot.

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